38 Caine Road
Mid-levels Central, Hong Kong Island

(Net) 380 sq ft
(Gross) 540 sq ft
For rent
HKD $ 0

Mid-levels Central


The Mid-Levels Central area is commonly referred to the predominately residential area above Central, extending from the Caine Road level as far up the precipitous hillside as May Road on Victoria Peak. In Chinese, the name "Mid-Levels" literally means the area halfway up the mountain, the popular notion is that the higher one gets up the hill, the more exclusive it gets.

Most of the apartments in Mid-Levels are high-rise buildings, making most of the limited prime land and optimizing the views. A vast majority of the expatriates choose to buy or rent apartments in Mid-Levels Central, which is walking distance down to Central, fortunately the trip back up is assisted by the Central Mid-Levels escalator, currently the longest outdoor covered escalator in the world.

There is a large concentration of luxury apartments in Mid-Levels Central and many offer a large range of facilities, one development even included a bowling alley. Medium sized apartments can be found at the lower levels, then the size of apartments in Mid-Levels generally become larger as you ascend. Buying and renting apartments in Mid-Levels is always in high demand, and which can be reflected in high transaction volumes, during the property crazed mid 90’s some say it was easier to buy an apartment than to buy a loaf of bread along these roads.

Historically when the British first settled in Hong Kong, they developed hill stations where ever possible to escape from the lowland heat and tropical disease which was prevalent at that time. The Mid-Levels in the early last century was actually looked down upon by the early British colonists, back then your social status was reflected in the altitude of your address and the middle was not where you wanted to be.


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