Warren Woods, 
23 Warren St
Tin Hau, Hong Kong Island

(Net) 400 sq ft
(Gross) 543 sq ft
For rent
AUD $ 0

Tin Hau


Tin Hau, although not a formal district in Hong Kong, is commonly referred to as the small area surrounding the historical monument “Tin Hau Temple”. The area includes the neighbourhood beginning from Lily St and Tung Lo Wan Rd to the surrounding Tin Hau Temple Road and bordering Victoria Park and Mercury Street.

Tin Hau is one of the most accessible areas on Hong Kong Island, with the Tin Hau MTR and Public Transport Interchange right on top of it. Strategically the area is the perfect transportation hub situated along the main Arterial King’s Road and coupled with easy access to the Eastern Corridor via Hing Fat St. Whether by MTR, mini bus, buses or Taxi, Tin Hau allows superb access to and from the rest of the City.

The area is named after the popular Tin Hau Temple which was built by the “Tai” clan, a Hakka family in the early eighteenth century. According to local lore the family found a statue of the revered Tin Hau “the goddess of the sea” along the rocks of the shore and erected a shrine to shelter her, throughout the years with the shrine’s growing popularity and contributions from local boat men this temple was subsequently built to honour her.

Today Tin Hau is a popular destination not just for the Temple but for fantastic food and dessert on offer. Along Electric Road and the many side streets you can find plenty of popular small restaurants, food stalls and Chinese dessert shops, many of these eateries have a huge fan base and remain open well into the night.


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